The Mission of The Northern Ozaukee Schools Scholarship Foundation

We raise and distribute scholarship funds for district students based on academic performance, character and need. Supporting our students in their academic and career pursuits ultimately improves our local communities, our country and our world.

NOSSF Investing in NOSD Students

We are excited to share the news that The Northern Ozaukee Schools Scholarship Foundation (NOSSF) wants to invest in our students’ future from the beginning of their schooling at NOSD. The NOSSF is committed to contributing $25 to qualifying NOSD Kindergarten students. Click the Edvest logo to learn more about this opportunity that sets NOSSF apart from other schools’ foundations. In addition, click here to register for an informational webinar from Edvest.

Want to know more, contact any of our NOSD counseling offices for additional information.

How to support NOSSF

  • Endowed Scholarship Donations. An endowment donation is a permanent memorial or honorarium. Endowed funds can be established with a minimum contribution of $10,000. A percentage of that endowment is awarded each year, allowing your gift to continue to grow and remain self-supporting. Endowed scholarships can be created to remember or to honor an individual, family or institution
  • General Scholarship Donations. Donations of any size from corporations, civic and charitable groups, and individuals can be made at any time of the year. Selection for the current graduating class begins March 1. 

Please send donations to: 
Northern Ozaukee Schools’ Scholarship Foundation Inc.
Attn: NOSSF Treasurer
401 Highland Drive
Fredonia, WI 53021

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Many students do take a gap year. Please indicate your intentions on your application. 

The Northern Ozaukee Schools Scholarship Foundation is a charitable foundation organized by local citizens and business people and administered by volunteer board members. The income of the fund is used for scholarships and financial aid to assist graduates of Ozaukee High School in their post-high school education. NOSSF is an exempt organization under Sec. 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are deductible for federal and state tax purposes. 

In 1987, a group of civic-minded Northern Ozaukee citizens came together with the intent to create a perpetual trust fund of assets that would generate income to award annual scholarships to deserving Northern Ozaukee Schools’ graduates. Their vision was to become known as the Northern Ozaukee Schools’ Scholarship Foundation Inc. 

The NOSSF board is made up of volunteers who serve three-year terms. Interested in volunteering? We welcome your time and talents. Contact us:

Since NOSSF’s formation in 1987, the founding members were able to award their first scholarship of $1,000 in 1989. Those humble beginnings fostered and inspired our great Northern Ozaukee community to see the value of helping to lift our future generations through scholarships.

Through the years, caring citizens have continued to come forward and participate with their time, energy, donations, and memorial gifts. This generosity has allowed the foundation to increase total assets and increase scholarship dollars awarded each year.

Today, we proudly look back to those whose vision was the seed. in recent years, we have awarded in excess of $75,000 annually to deserving students and continue to work to increase awareness of our scholarships to encourage students to achieve, apply and succeed. 

NOSSF Board Members

Brent Neis


Christine Clark

Board Member

David Brouillette

Vice President

Matt Clarke

Board Member

Annie Stadler


Carol Jors

Board Member

Parveen Hughes


Al Krier

Board Member

Dave Karrels


Ron Theisen

Board Member

Michael Leach

OHS Principal


Monica Gahan

Board Member