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5K at Ozaukee Elementary Focuses on:

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The full-day 5K program at Ozaukee Elementary School is a child-centered program that is built around the children's academic, social, and emotional developmental needs.

Students learn from and with one another in small groups.
We take precautions to ensure your child's safety.
Teachers utilize large learning environments to provide space.
Students engage in hands-on learning activities to promote brain development.

What 5K Families Are Saying About Our Program

My son is in 5K and he and I both couldn’t be happier with OES. His confidence has grown and he enjoys learning. The teachers make learning fun and keep the students excited. My son likes to talk about how his day went and what he learned. That makes me happy to see him growing and enjoying school. OES is great!

-The Long Family

The 5k program at OES is top-notch! The teachers care so much about their students and genuinely want what’s best for them and it shows through their communication and actions. From smaller class sizes to even smaller group help, I know my child is in the best hands to help him succeed. The days are routine all while having fun activities thrown into the mix. Whether it’s a little glimpse into their day on Facebook posts or hearing the excitement about the day as soon as the car door opens after school, we really couldn’t ask for a better learning environment for our children!
-The Sweet Family

5k at NOSD has not only helped my son’s education grow but also his personality to make him who he is today! We are so happy we chose NOSD

-The Kelley Family

NOSD has a great 5K program that is great for any student. The teachers make sure to take their time with students; especially during this time of the pandemic. They have helped my child with learning through play, independence with life skills, and how to solve problems. My daughter loves all her teachers and staff! We are so thankful for choosing NOSD for your children and love to see how they are thriving in this great school environment.

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