NOSD Long Range Budget Planning

Greetings from Superintendent Karrels


The Northern Ozaukee School District is working with the community to build understanding for how budgets are managed through state and local funding under the Revenue Limit, awareness of NOSD’s 2022-23 Budget, and projections of growing deficits in the absence of proactive solutions. Our goal is to engage residents in planning initiatives in order to make informed decisions that uphold our educational mission and reflect our community’s values.

This webpage contains resources for learning including an Information & Outreach Plan that guides our work, a summary of the Community Leaders Forum, FAQs, and key resource reports. Additionally, all residents will receive a newsletter in late November with a brief Community Survey. It will contain important background information about this work and a request for feedback. A link to the survey will be posted under quick links soon. 

We encourage you to engage in the learning, participate in the Community Survey, and, if you have questions – please contact us!

Dave Karrels, Superintendent
Josh McDaniel, Director of Business Services